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Welcome to my trail running site. I enjoy being on the trail where I can take in nature and clear my mind. I prefer running in the mountains, but anywhere rural will do. I have completed four 100 mile trail races and many other ultramarathons. I'm a member of Team Red, White and Blue. "Enriching the lives of America's veterans."

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

McKelligon Canyon Run

Zero dark fifteen (0515): I leave home and start running the 6 miles to the Starbucks near the university. It’s still dark, but not too cold, at least. I’ll be out all morning so didn’t want to wear my headlamp. Most of the route is lit so I should be OK. Running in the dark is quite different and everything is strange at this time of day. I feel like I have the entire city to myself.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Dinosaurs Ran Here

I’m running with dinosaurs this morning or at least where they once roamed. Cara is dropping me off at one of our nation’s newest national monuments -Prehistoric Trackways National Monument near Las Cruces, NM. In March, 2009, Barack Obama signed a law setting aside this area for important fossil finds. This land has or had some of the best examples of Paleozoic tracks in N. America. The reptile and invertebrate fossils found here actually predate the dinosaurs. The unfortunate side of this story is that most of the fossils have been removed and relocated to the New Mexico Museum of Natural History in Albuquerque, NM.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Trashy Run

I’m against recycling. You heard me, I’m against it. Keep reading to find out why. I’m very concerned for our environment and consider myself a “granola”. I’ve been known to eat twigs and bark and I love to run in the wilderness. Since I don’t always have time to get out on my beloved trails, I run around my neighborhood with my three dogs Lucy, Sierra, and Taz.

While on our runs, we dodge trash of all sorts. Broken glass, aluminum cans, plastic water bottles, and my favorite, plastic grocery bags. Occasionally I have to police my route and sweep glass from the sidewalk and street so my running partners don’t cut their paws. On our runs, I sometimes pick up a few pieces of trash, especially glass bottles, and put them in Taz’s saddlebags. (He loves his backpack – makes him feel important).