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Welcome to my trail running site. I enjoy being on the trail where I can take in nature and clear my mind. I prefer running in the mountains, but anywhere rural will do. I have completed four 100 mile trail races and many other ultramarathons. I spend countless hours running in the Franklin Mountains in El Paso, TX. I call it "going to church". I'm a member of Team Red, White and Blue. "Enriching the lives of America's veterans."

Thursday, January 6, 2011


INJURY UPDATE: (Jan 10, 2011) I've been walking almost every day and was able to successfully run today. I had a little bit of tenderness in my foot, but things seem to be improving each day. I’m working with the Big Bend Ultra Run staff to switch from the 50K to the 25K race that is being run this weekend. This seems like a sensible compromise so I can still run in the backcountry without further injuring myself. I feel confident that I can finish the 15 mile run.

(Jan 6, 2011)
My plantar fasciitis (PF) has improved, but I haven’t been able to run for almost two weeks. During Christmas weekend I went for a routine run out at the BR ranch and half way through my 6 miler, my foot started to hurt. I didn’t twist it or anything and was very perplexed, not to mention annoyed. When I was done, I had no idea what was going on so iced the top of my foot and rested for a day.

Following a day of rest, I went for another run thinking everything would be fine, but it wasn’t. The top of my foot and the joint that bends was very painful, so I decided I better stop running for a while. After a week, it still wasn’t much better, so I went to the doctor. Tendonitis was his diagnoses and after a few days of an oral steroid I’m feeling much better. I hate having to succumb to meds, but after a week of no running I was very frustrated.

How do I manage pain and injuries? My number one remedy is to ice the area about 3-5 times a day for 15-20 minutes at a time. I have worked through many turned ankles and PF this way and firmly believe that it heals injuries much quicker. Since I have had allergic reactions to ibuprofen, aspirin and other NSAIDs, I am limited by what anti-inflammatory drugs I can take.

Instead, I lean towards natural homeopathic supplements like turmeric (oral) and Arnica montana gel (topical).

Did you know that blueberries are anti-inflammatory? I make kefir smoothies with blueberries. My smoothies are low in sugar and have beneficial probiotics. Did you also know that bananas can increase inflammation? I avoid them when I’m injured. As a last resort, when things get really painful, I take some acetaminophen. (Not before a run, though.)

I have been doing some walking the last few days and my foot seems to be tolerating the exercise. I plan to try some short easy runs this weekend. My three dogs are wondering why they have not been getting their daily exercise and are ready for an adventure.

Next weekend is the Big Bend Ultra Run (50K) in Texas. I registered to run this race months ago, because trail races fill so quickly. I’m hoping to feel well enough to participate, but I have no idea how things are going to turn out. Nevertheless, my family has been planning this trip for months and we are looking forward to a nice weekend away from the city. If nothing else, I will have some nice pictures of the big bend region to share with you.

Check back for a race report soon. See you on the trail. (I’ll be the guy limping along).
Big Bend 50K 2006 finish


  1. Dang! I hope you get better soon.

  2. Thanks, I'm going to try to run on it this weekend.

  3. Well, that was a good long while. Hope you've felt the last of it. Therapies are most important, not only for the alleviations and improvements, but for the deterrents those can leave into your muscles and your bones. Take care always!

    Donette Claar @ US Health Works