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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Man’s best running partner

 “Whine”. “It’s too hot outside, Lucy.” “Whimper” “Not now, I’m busy.” “Yip, yip!” “Stop following me around, Lucy.” “Sigh.” How much more of this can I take? I get it. Lucy is part whippet and made to run, but how can I keep this dog happy? Fate is what brought us together. Two who love to run.

This is the story of Lucy, one of my three best running partners. Do you have a dog that you like to run with, or maybe take for walks? I enjoy my outings with my best friends as much as they do, but Lucy is over the top. I cannot wake up, stretch, and put my shoes on before this dog is crying and following me around like a lost puppy dog.


About six or seven years ago, when Cara and I were taking our daily walk, we happened upon two young unclaimed puppies in the street of our neighborhood. They were just there; ticks, fleas, worms and all, so we scooped them up and carried them the mile and half to our home. After several weeks of trying to find their owners, we were stuck with them. One was a short haired, brown and white, brindled puppy with cute floppy ears while the other was a furry, long haired, brown one with a black snout and purple tongue.

Pet Fest 5K, San Marcos, TX
Since puppies have a lot of pent up energy, I started to walk and run with my new friends. There were many trials, growing pains, and, yes, accidents before I was sold on the idea of running with two dogs. After all, I was accustomed to my solitary excursions where I could get away from everyone and everything. I thought running with one dog at a time might ease the burden, but these two were siblings and Lucy would simply flop over in the street like a two year old throwing a tantrum in your local big box retail store. She would refuse to go anywhere if her sister wasn’t with her and they made it perfectly clear that the two were inseparable.

Pretty soon we fell into a nice groove, though, and running everyday became routine. Each dog learned how to run on a leash and keep her spot by my side without pulling or otherwise killing me in the process. They also shared the responsibility of wearing a backpack to carry the poop cleanup tools (a necessity). The two dogs were dubbed Lucy and Sierra, Lucy being the more dominant, bossy, pushy one; Sierra the laid back calm one (as long as you don’t try to do her nails).

We came together by chance, but have forged a relationship that only canine and man could achieve. I could not even begin to speculate as to how many miles we have logged together on many different types of terrain. Running has become so normal that when we don’t do it, Lucy will not leave me alone. I have to listen to the crying and whining until I relinquish and take her out.

A beaver did that

When I was injured six months ago, I feared the worse for Lucy and my sanity, so I bought a Springer Dog Jogger for my bike. This bike attachment works great and allows me to safely exercise the dogs. I have been taking them for their daily run without putting strain on my recovering foot.

Lucy and Sierra had many great runs with me over the years and we had the perfect situation of “two’s company”, but then, a few years ago, a little hairless, parasite ridden mutt showed up on our doorstep to disrupt our equilibrium. His name is Taz. See you on the trail.

The Springer Dog Jogger

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